What LifePROTEKT is doing to help people with special needs

Each week thousands of people connect with LifePROTEKT to find out the latest information on wandering prevention, fall detection and mobile personal emergency response GPS safety products.  Some just visit to read the posts that are relevant to the communities we represent, and others look at the various products we offer in the personal location based GPS market.

Over the years, it has been our pleasure to have donated hundreds of devices to families in need for their at-risk loved ones that may be prone to wandering.  We have also donated our safety solutions to various healthcare organizations, law enforcement agencies, and charitable foundations including Autism Speaks, TacaNOW, Autism Society of America, Mason Allen Medlam Foundation just to name a few.   That does not include the individual personal families we have helped to secure their loved ones in order to rest a little easier at night.

Occasionally, we will also run contests through various special needs organizations which give families the opportunity to win one of our safety devices.  As we are currently updating this program we still like to see how we can help specific families and you can enter your story here:  http://www.lifeprotekt.com/autism-womens-network-lifeprotekt-gps-give-away/

Along with these achievements we wanted to share some of the very relevant  updates to our technology which include 3G vs 2G network wearable devices. Other major enhancements and improvements to our products will be found on LifePROTEKT’s “Products That Protect” offerings.   You can check them out here: http://www.lifeprotekt.com/category/products-that-protect/

The advancements of our newest solutions include features such as waterproof, two way calling, Pentaband 3G cellular technology, Bluetooth 4.0 tether which provides portable safe zone, extended battery life, fall detection, bread crumbing, downloadable smartphone app, destination alerts, multiple in/outbound geofencing alerts, SOS Panic Alert, speed alerts, Bluetooth 4.0 vital sign monitoring, Bluetooth door locking sensors, integrated central monitoring option, and much more reliable 3G cell coverage network for increased and faster accuracy just to name a few.  This does not even include any software advancements being  made on these products.

LET’S GO ONE STEP FURTHER.  Since LifePROTEKT understands the special needs communities we can recommend the best  solution that fits the needs of the individuals that may be at-risk.  Our solutions are the best products that are in the mobile PERS industry.  We take into consideration the sensory issues of an autistic child, the technical ability of the caretaker using  smartphone or text messaging technology, we even determine coverage zones prior to providing the right solution that fits the needs of the family.

LifePROTEKT is the ONLY company that offers various solutions that fit the needs of the special needs family and we are always looking at for the best scenario for parents and caregivers.

Finally.   We are working very closely with healthcare organizations to help reduce the costs of these devices by covering them through various healthcare insurance programs.  In the past we have lobbied for Center of Disease Control’s ICD-9/10 coverage to help more families where a wandering loved one may be a concern. CDC’s ICD-9 would provide insurance reimbursement for LifePROTEKT devices.  This would be similar to the way a doctor would prescribe a glucometer for a diabetic.  In this case,  the doctor would prescribe a wandering prevention device for an at-risk individual to be covered by the family healthcare provider.

We ask you to share our website with others and help us promote solutions that have the potential to save many lives as we provide a small piece of technology that gives a great peace of mind!

We also request your help the Mason Medlam Foundation by signing the petition for Mason Alert.  This will help so many families that have special needs individuals potentially save their loved ones from the same situation that had happened to Mason Medlam some short weeks ago.  May God bless the Medlam family for their compassion and commitment to preventing another tragedy from occurring due to wandering.

Sign and pass along the petition here:  http://www.lifeprotekt.com/a-personal-request-from-sheila-and-kenneth-medlam/

LifePROTEKT uses the latest mobile personal emergency response GPS devices and wandering prevention technologies to help find and care for those that can easily get lost or want to live independent lives.

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    [...] Coupled with the technology experience, our management team has a long history of involvement with the autism, Alzheimer’s and special needs communities. We have worked with various autism organizations promoting awareness for over a decade. We are dedicated to educating others, as 1 out of every 91 children born today is born on the autism spectrum. We believe it is paramount to draw attention to this epidemic, which is growing in mass proportion. Here are a few posts of how we help the special needs and autism communities: What LifePROTEKT does to help special needs Community: http://www.lifeprotekt.com/what-lifeprotekt-is-doing-to-help-people-with-special-needs/ [...]