Six Critical Factors to determine which mobile personal emergency response (mPERs) GPS fits best?

TriLOC 3G GPS Mobile Personal Emergency Response Waterproof WatchThere are six critical factors you need to know about to determine the best LifePROTEKT wandering prevention, fall detection mobile personal emergency response (mPERs) device that best suits your needs:

#1 Cell Carrier Coverage. If the individual lives in an area where cell coverage is unavailable, then the device we represent will only pick up on the GPS signal and will not get an accurate location since GSMTriLOC GPS/3G Waterproof Mobile Personal Emergency Response Watch cellular connection is required for triangulation purposes. The good news is the products we carry run on ATT’s Global 3G/4G network and will most likely work in your area!

 #2 Battery Life. This technology requires a lifestyle modification since many of the devices have limited battery life (24 hour to 7 days) which is very similar to cellphone technology. Although the latest LifePROTEKT products have greatly enhanced the battery life using technologies like Bluetooth 4.0, for instance.

#3 Application to Individual. How the device applies or affixes to the individual is very important. As we know, the elderly population may have skin that may be very sensitive and some of these heavier wrist based devices will not work. Therefore alternative solutions to how they are worn are also available.

#4 Does device need to lock onto individual? Let’s not forget whether the device needs to be locked on to the individual. Especially in the autism community we know that a significant amount of children will wander without wearing anything.

#5 Price Point Devices Range from $99 -$695. Depending on the coverage and features.  The monthly carrier service costs will be additional.  In some cases, Medicaid and private healthcare coverage to pick up the tab for these devices is available.

#6 Do you need features such as two way communication, fall detection, 24 x 7 call center, vital sign monitoring such as heart rate, SOS, etc.

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    With such a need for lightweight personal monitoring devices among parents of kids facing autism and seniors battling disease it is good to know that technological products are available to offer assistance.