Letter from Sheila Medlam of the Mason Allen Medlam Foundation

The following letter by Sheila Medlam was provided as a testimony to LifePROTEKT and its products: “As a parent who has lost a child to autism and wandering, all I can say about LifePROTEKT is that it is a resource that I would have loved to have for my son prior to his death.  I truly believe that the technology that is available through LifePROTEKT is an incredible tool that dramatically increase the chances of bringing our children home alive.  I think that it is absolutely essential these devices are available to each and every family with a cognitively impaired child that has a lack of danger awareness and the propensity to wander.As parents we do everything we can to keep our children safe.  We buy multiple locks, we turn our homes into prisons, we sleep with our children, we don’t trust anyone other than ourselves to watch them, and yet it only takes one moment of inattention, one instant of distraction to lose our precious, irreplaceable children forever.  The personal GPS tracking devices are one of many important tools that must be available to parents in order to not only keep our children safe, but also to help alleviate the constant fear and desperation that comes from knowing your child will wander at the first opportunity and have absolutely no concept of the hazards that are everywhere around him or her.On a personal note, I would just like to extend my heartfelt thanks to LifePROTEKT for not only following and promoting Mason’s story and helping to raise awareness of the dangers of wandering, but I would also like to just express my deep gratitude for the way the company has helped us to develop resources and contacts, helped us to gather pertinent information and just been a friend to the Mason Allen Medlam Foundation.  We have already selected one lucky family which will receive one of these lifesaving devices from LifePROTEKT, and it was a joy to share LifePROTEKT’s generosity with that struggling family.  It is amazing how deeply moving it is to hear a mother say, “You’ve just saved my son’s life.”  So, to our beloved friends at LifePROTEKT, thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us.With friends like LifePROTEKT, we know that we can change the world.”Sincerely,

Sheila Medlam

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  1. Dusti says:

    Thank tou sooo much Sheila for all the hard work you are doing for all of our families!!!! Mason has definatly left his mark on this world and in our families hearts!! He is a BEAUTIFUL little boy that has lost his life but will save sooo many more :) I have told you over and over that I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our family already..Your strength amazes me everyday!!
    Lots of love from your sister in Autism!!! xox

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